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Travel to kythira


 Τhe idyllic birthplace of Aphrodite. A window in the middle of the Mediterranean. Walk in the paths of the heart and secret loves.


or Tsirigo are the most southern than the other islands of the Ionian Sea. They are opposite found from south-eastern utmost Peloponnese, in the entry of Lakonikou gulf. It is the unique island of the Eptanisa that do not belong administratively in the Region of Ionian islands but in the Prefecture of Piraeus. Nevertheless, in the Roy of history it followed the common fate of Ionian Islands. The Kythira, known and as island of Venus after according to the Isiodos here it was given birth the more beautiful view of Olympus, reason of their geographic place constituted the apple of eridos (reason for fighting) for a lot of conquerors.


kapsali and the twin bays at kythira





Greek islands kythira KYTHIRA GREECE

The island is found “here” that the west meets with the east in the Mediterranean and there that the cultures were crossed and were woven the fate games. It distinguishes for the alternations of his landscapes and the scattered monuments of bequeathing culture that reveal the uniqueness of Kythira in the Hellenic space.The nature dowered the Kythira with unique physical beauty. The landscapes fill in the glance with unique pictures. Rocky regions very green from bushes, hills covered from Mediterranean pines, beautiful coasts, gold sandy beaches and aquamarine waters, steep beaches, abrupt gorges, caverns and rivers that lead to the deep blue waters of the sea, all the elements of nature in a harmonious coexistence create the paradise picture of Kythira. Characteristic of the Kythira it is that they maintain their authentic islander physiognomy. The traditional architecture that dominate in most settlements of the island, the Byzantine churches and the Venetian Castle that dominates in the hill above the Country contribute in the creation of the romantic and special atmosphere that prevails in the island. The local feasts and fests that are organised at the duration of the summertime give the occasion in the visitors to know aspects of popular delivery of Kythira that remain live. The efforts of residents to maintain live their authentic islander character appear in the feast of Wine, in the fest of Virgin Mary of Mirtidiotissa, the Saint Elesas, etc. The Kythira, even if they have not enjoyed big tourist projection, have acquired big fame and they have acquired many fun. Each summertime more visitors hurry to know about the island of Venus and they pass their most beautiful interruptions in the most beautiful island, that it offers in each one whatever he wishes. There is the occasion for relaxation in a very beautiful and quiet environment but also the possibility for amusement in the coastal bars.




Populars Locations in Kythira

The Aroniadika is a small settlement that is found in the northern department of Kythira and near in the River, the kefalochoro of the island. In this adjacency owe the Aroniadika their tourist growth. In the region function a lot of rented rooms that provide quiet stay in a beautiful environment.


The Diakofti is a beautiful coastal village that magics each visitor. It is found in the Eastern side of the island, in one of the most beautiful localities of Kythira. The last years in the Diakofti functions the new harbour of the island, which is protected from the winds and is very modern. In the Diakofti you will swim in the homonym splendid beach that is considered as one of better in the Kythira. Characteristic of this village is the very gold sandy beach and the very shallow waters. It is a beach ideal for children and for those who do not know good swimming. Opposite from the beach you will see the islet Makrykythira that has been granted in the Company of Greek Man of letters and it is known as “the island of men of letters”. In the region is found also the Saint Abbey, one of the more important monasteries of the island that were founded there since 1840. It is dedicated in the Saver Christ and it celebrates on 6 August, where is also organised traditional festival. The abbey is built in elevation and allocates a fantastic view to the village. In the coastal taverns you will eat fresh fishes and you will try marine titbits and traditional Greek flavours.

At your tour in the southern side of the island, little afterwards the Meadow, we meet the Kalamos. It is a big in extent village, which you evolve – late and regularly – in the seasonal centre. In the region function enough rented rooms that provide all the comforts in their visitors. One of the advantages of the Kalamos is that is found between three beaches. Fyri Ammos, the Cooper and the Vroulea are in near distance in the village. If you want to stay in the Kalamos, you will find also rented apartments.

It is another beautiful coastal village that we meet in the southern side of Kythira. It is the most important village of the Country and one of the more developed tourist regions of the island. It constitutes, undeniably, pole of attraction for each visitor. It is found in one of the most beautiful and the most paradise localities of the island. The settlement is built round the natural closed harbour that takes shape under the Venetian castle of the Country. It is characteristic that if someone looks at Kapsali from tally it resembles with a lake. Here, function a lot of hotels, taverns, bars and commercial shops. You will swim in the homonym beach. Here the choices vary. You can relax and enjoy the sun and the clean sea. Or you make marine sports combining unique the amusement with the exercising. Of the sightseeing of the region it distinguishes the monastery of Saint Ioannis in the place Egkremos, where according to the delivery began the Agios Ioannis the theologian writes the Revelation, before he returns in Patmos. Her current form the abbey acquired since1952. The harbour of the region offered for the mooring of private ships.

Kythira Town
The city of Kythira or the Country as called by the local has all the characteristics of an authentic islander state. It is built in the southern part of the island and with the graphic harbour of Kapsali they compose the most amazing pictures of the island. The Country is built round the Medieval Castle which is built above in a rocky elevation and is dated since 1503. The city began to be built from the Venetian the 13th century and from the dues of 15th century it began to extend itself also except of the walls of the Castle. In the old traditional settlement, the Mesa Vourgo, dominate the elements of the agean sea architecture. There is austerity in the manufacture of the buildings, narrow streets, little bridges, the whitewashed houses and the flowerpots with plenty of colours flowers and all these remind intensely a kykladian landscape. If someone walks in the streets of the city is also impressed by the crowd of the Byzantine churches that meets. In the grounds of the lonely castle but also in the streets of the Country are saved appreciable Byzantine churches as the church of Virgin Mary of Myrtidiotissas, Saint Ioannis of Theologian and Pantokratoras. Also, at your eve in the Country it deserves for you to visit the Archaeological museum that entertains an important collection from discoveries of the island. The capital of Kythira is not also the most developed tourist region of the island. It is offered mainly for quiet stay. You can stay in the renovated venetian mansions that have been changed in traditional apartments and constitute an ideal proposal for the romantic travellers or in the rented rooms that function in the Country. Under the Country, takes shape a natural harbour where has been built the settlement Kapsali that is the most developed tourist resort of the island.

It is a small settlement that we meet at our tour in the hinterland of Kythira. The region is advisable for stay for quiet stay. Also, charm in the place in which it is found – between the Country and the Meadow – can constitute starting line for your conducted tour in the island.

It is a traditional village that abstains 15 km from the Country. It is built in one of the most beautiful localities of the island. Here, you will see more important natural sightseeing of the Kythira. The waterfall of murderer and the cavern of Saint Sofia with the rich water decor are two of the jewels of the island. Take your coffee in the square of the village under the shade of broadleaved trees and you will admire the traditional architecture of the village. In the Down Country, in the end of the village you will see the Venetian castle with the lion of Saint Mark in his gate. The devastated Venetian settlement wakes up refuted sentiments. In a very green locality you will see the monastery of Virgin Mary of Orphan. While other interesting religious monuments it is the church of Saint Theodoros, Saint Anastasia and Saint Minas. In the Mylopotamos also worked many rented rooms.

In very near distance of the Village River, in the northern side of the island, is found the settlement Pitsinades. It is built in a beautiful locality and offers for quiet stay. Here you will find rented rooms with all the comforts.

The River is the bigger village of the island. In the old days they were named “the Dame” the village, charm in the church of Virgin Mary of Ilariotissas. It is found in the northern department of Kythira and constitutes the commercial centre of the wider region. The traditional Sunday bargain attracts the tourists. Producers from the entire island are assembled in the central square of the village and selling local rural – and not only – products. The settlement maintains his traditional colour while you see also a lot of old mansions that reveal the economic prosperity of the region. It deserves to take a walk in the square of the village with background the pinewood. Impressive is the abandoned Venetian village of Saint Dimitrios that is found in near distance and the churches of Saint Theodoros that are also the protector of the island, Saint Anastasia, Saint Ioannis, Saint Trinity and Saint Dimitrios. You will swim in the beach of Saint Pelagia which is the most important place of northern Kythira.


Kythira has a variety of very different beaches. Depending on what they are looking for, visitors can enjoy the blue-green waters, caves and pebbles of Kaladi, the sandy stretch of Melidoni that faces the islet of Hytra, the remarkable red sand and clear waters of Firi Ammos close to Kalamos or Komponada, a beach known for its large pebbles. Those in the mood for some hiking can follow the trail that leads to beautiful and more isolated Kalami or visit Mylopotamos, walk along the path around the Fonissa waterfall and then dive into its inviting, small pools.


Map of Kythira




Map of Kythira


















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