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In parallel to the documenta 14 and to reflect on it by the creations of young artists, the art project Edge.Piraeus will be held in Athens and Piraeus from April 5th to 28th. It will be the framework for multiple activities, e.g. symposia, lectures, workshops and exhibition of art works. The project is planned and organised by the Weissensee Art Academy Berlin (KHB) and the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA). Edge.Piraeus enjoys the auspices of the Municipality of Piraeus.

The Kastela Art Center, kindly offered by Barbara and Nicolas A. Vernicos’ family, will host the exhibition of the students-artists’ works opening on Friday, 7th April 2017 at 8 p.m. and then be shown until April 28th.

Edge.Piraeus, why? In English, being on the edge, or being edgy, often refers to being nervous, aware of imminent danger, as in standing on the edge of a cliff, or on the edge of disaster. On another level, Piraeus, as an important port, also reflects a notion of an edge, in particular topographically, one of the (many) edges of Europe. And what has been termed “the Greek Crisis”, is in fact a reflection of a European crisis, in which the values represented by the European idea are at stake.

The following events, both to be also held at the Kastela Art Center, will enhance a dialogue between the young artists, intellectuals from a number of countries and the exhibition’s visitors:

on Wednesday, 5th April at 8 p.m., SYMPOSION ONE: AWAY WITH PERICLES!; a performance and debate on the (ir)relevance of the classical legacy, with introductory statements by Michael Edelson (student), Guy Féaux de la Croix (project initiator), Prof. Hannes Brunner (KHB) and Prof. Petros Doukas (former Deputy Minister of Finance), followed by a discussion which Prof. Nicos Kyriazis (University of Thessaly, historian and writer) will moderate;

on Tuesday, 11th April at 4 p.m., SYMPOSION TWO: THE MIGRATORY MEME – FROM THE SELFISH GENE TO CLICK BATE; a debate curated by Prof. Warren Neidich and Prof. Hannes Brunner (KHB), with Prof. Nikos Tranos (ASFA, sculptor), Andreas Angelidakis (theoretician), Hannah Barton (theorist), Daniel Keller (artist), Petra Tomljanovic (curator), Angelo Plessas (artist), and others.

Hannes Brunner, Professor of the KHB and artistic director of the Edge.Piraeus, says that “the formats of artistic production will show both individual research, as well as experimental, performative and participatory practices”.

Guy Féaux de la Croix, project initiator, adds that “in a situation in which the mainstays of our societies, the values and institutions of democracy, have come under great pressure, critical and provocative art seems ever more important as a source for societal and economic renewal. Obviously artists cannot be expected to think of their creations in such utilitarian terms. But that should not keep society as a whole from fully recognizing the potentials. It is all about the (ir)relevance of (ir)relevance of culture and Greece, ancient as well as in our days. And Greece is a formidable terrain to explore this”.

The activities are being organized and coordinated on the side of the ASFA by Prof. Nikos Tranos, Loucas Loukides and Lydia Vairaktaraki and on the side of the KHB by Prof. Hannes Brunner, Guy Féaux de la Croix, Ulrike Mohr, Andreas Schlaegel and Maria Turik.
The bilateral collaboration is being supported by the Friends of the Edge.Piraeus.

Partnerships – Sponsors – Supporters:
Exhibition opening hours: Tuesday – Friday, 16.00-21.00hrs ▪ Saturday – Sunday, 12.00-17.00hrs. Closed: from Thursday, 13/4 to (incl.) Tuesday, 18/4/2017.
Kastela Art Center: 3, Karagiorgi Servias str., Piraeus / kastelaart
Secretariat: 210 422 1925, 210 429 2211

SOFT BARRIER; pop-up exhibition at The Art Foundation (metamatic:taf) in the frame of the Edge.Piraeus, ongoing. Normanou 5, Athens, Tel. 210 323 8757










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