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Flamingos, the permanent attraction of Lefkimmi wetlands


Flamingos refuse to migrate and remain at the wetland of Alyki Lefkimmi, Corfu, throughout the year. Two hundred hectares, including a small lagoon and an abandoned land of salt marshes, form a haven on earth for the flamingos that decided to make it their permanent residence for the last three years.


The wetland of Lefkimmi is included in Natura 2000 and is the richest one on Corfu because the basins are shallow and warm and work as a natural incubator for the flamingos' eggs, the director of the centre for environment education of Lefkimmi, Alekos Vlassis, said to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA). Moreover, he noted, a large number of different worms, crustaceans and other micro-organisms live in the wetland's muddy bed which are flamingos' favourite food.


The flamingos and the shell ducks that are the wetland's inhabitants have become a popular attraction for bird watchers who gather in the area every year.


New rooms Press/Source: ANA-MPA

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