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32nd Athens Classical Marathon begins

32nd Athens Classical Marathon begins 32nd Athens Classical Marathon begins

Welcome to Athens _32nd Athens Classical Marathon
marathonas_Welcome to Athens _32nd Athens Classical Marathon

There’s a festive atmosphere in the city of Athens for the 32nd Athens Classic Marathon despite the reports of clouds and rains on Sunday and bad weather on Saturday night.

People of all ages, races and physical conditions flooded the streets for the start of the race. The 5km race promptly began at 8 p.m. amid bursts of cheers.

Panathinaikon stadium_32nd Athens Classical Marathon

Your guide to the Athens Marathon – Course info

8 a.m.  5 km race started at Panathinaic stadium. Course ran through Amalias Avenue, Panepistimiou Street, Riga Feraiou, Academias Street, Vas. Sofias Avenue, Papadiamantopoulou Street (Nimits), Vas Sofias Avenue, Irodotou Atticou Street and then back to the Panathinaic Stadium

9 a.m. 10 km race started at Panathinaic Stadium. Course ran through Amalias Avenue, Panepistimiou Street, Harilaou Trikoupi Street, Academias Street, Vas. Sofias Avenue, Feidippidou Street, Mesogeion Avenue, Police Academy, Mesogeion Avenue, Mhalakopoulou Street, Feidippidou Street, Mesogeion Avenue, Vas. Sofias Avenue, Irodotou Atticou Street and then back to the Panathinaic Stadium

9.10 a.m. Special Olympics Hellas 1 km race started at Vas. Sofias Avenue at Syntagma and ends at the Panathinaic stadium

10.45 a.m. Children’s 1.2 km race starts at Syntagma Vas Sofias Avenue and ends at the Panathinaic Stadium

42 km Marathon Course

The Marathon Race started 9.00 am sharp from the Marathon Start Venue in the town of Marathon.

The first 200m of the course are sloped, leading the runners away from the Start area. The first 4  kms go downhill. The runners run along the Marathonos Avenue up to the 4th km, where they turn left and enter the Marathonomachon Street, and the area of the Marathon Tomb (War Memorial), which they follow for the next 2.2km. The course follows a rather circular route around the War Memorial.

The course becomes flat from the 6th to the 10thkm (Nea Makri). From the 11th to the 17th km the course goes uphill at certain parts. Then, and up to Rafina Junction, the runners meet a steep descent. Starting from the Rafina Junction, the course goes uphill again, while the most difficult part is found up to the 20th km. As the runners pass along the district of Pikermi, they run through some of the, more or less, uphill parts of the course up to the 25thkm. The passage through the city of Pallini (27km – 28km) is also uphill. The last and most difficult part of the course starts from Gerakas and goes up to Stavros Junction (30km – 31km). This steep ascent is followed by a steep descent leading to the Agia Paraskevi Square. Then, the runners follow the Mesogeion Avenue, going through the districts of Chalandri and Cholargos, meeting flat and downhill parts of the course up to the finish. The most characteristic downhill part is the one that starts form the Ministry of National Defense and finishes at the Katechaki Junction (37.5km), where the runners pass under the relevant bridge.

Right after the Erricos Dynan Hospital, the runners continue left on Michalakopoulou Avenue until the traffic lights at Michalakopoulou and Feidippidou crossroad. They continue running on Feidippidou Str., until the crossroad at Kifisias & Alexandras Avenue. The latter crossroad highlights the 39thkm, while the runners continue left on Vas. Sofias Avenue. On Vas. Sofias Avenue, the runners pass by the American Embassy, the Athens Music Hall and the Park of Liberty (40km), where the last feed zone is located. As they reach the Hilton Hotel, they slightly turn right heading towards the Syntagma Square, passing by the Evangelismos Hospital and the War Museum.

At the last part of the Marathon Course and having turned on the Hrodou Attikou Street, the runners have eye contact with the Panathinaikon Stadium, passing by the Presidential Residency and the National Gardens. Only a few meters remain in order for the runners to enter the Stadium and run the last meters inside it, before reaching the finish line.

The runners enter the Panathinaic Stadium from the left side, where the Finish Arch is found.

The Marathon Race and Power Walking conclude at 5.30

Traffic on Sunday

Extensive traffic restrictions have been announced that roads will be closed to vehicle traffic during the 32nd Classic Marathon taking place on Sunday. The race starts in the coastal town of Marathon and covers the length of Marathonos Avenue, before moving onto Mesogion Avenue, Mihalakopoulou Street, Phidippidou Street, Vas. Sofias Avenue, Irodou Attikou Street and ending at the Panathenian Stadium in the city centre.

Athens classic marathon 2014

Also on Sunday, a 5km-race will start at the Panathenian Stadium at 8 am on Sunday, followed by a 10-km race starting at 9 am. The race follows a circular route in the city center starting at the Panathenian Stadium and circling the center as far as Mesogion Avenue before turning back to the starting point.

At 9.10am there will be a Special Olympics Hellas race along Vas. Sofias Avenue, starting at Syntagma Square and ending at the Panathenian Stadium, while a Children’s Race on the same route will begin at 10.45 am.


Greek authorities announced that the traffic restrictions will start early on Sunday morning (6 am in Marathon and 7.45 am in the city centre) and they will last until 5.30 am on Sunday, except on Vas. Georgiou Street on the section between Rigillis and Irodou Attikou Streets, where the restrictions will start from 2 am on Saturday until 7 pm on Sunday.

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