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Life is beautiful ....You're welcome in Greece

Delos _Cyclades Delos _Cyclades


There are many reasons to visit Greece

 Greece Beautiful Young Woman_You're welcome in Greece

Greece is the country of philosophers, excellent sea beaches and the cheap Greek wine flavored with resins called retsina. Athens and the Acropolis have their own charisma. Citadel has an old castle dating from a half a millennium with the vast Pantheon bottom. The Cyclades islands off the south east coast of Greece is no less than a paradise with romantic vibes. The blue sea and glimmering sand on the beach under your feet just will convert speechless. You should definitely give it a try the next Greece 2015.













The Waves



In Greece you can still visit Halkidiki with beautiful beaches

greece.chalkidiki.Youre welcome in Greece




















Also you can visit the islands of the Ionian Sea

 Greece.ionian islands.Youre welcome in Greece

 You're welcome in Greece.Corfu



Peloponnese_Welcome to Greece









Knossos palace_Crete _Greece



Aghia Galini beach 



The beautiful Dodecanese, Rhodes

 Greece.rhodes rodos




Greece.Agios Stefanos Kos



Beautiful Sporades, Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos


If you like history you can visit Mystras , Delphi, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Olympia and many more !!!



Greece.delphi temple








Greece.ancient olympia

In Greece you can still learn about the diet, try the true Mediterranean diet, drink Ouzo, and even tasty than Greek wines ... and always try the Greek olive oil

 Greece.Salad With Ouzo

Even in Greece everywhere you see amazing monasteries everywhere ... a story never lost ... The Greece is Yours myth is your fantasy ... .See and learn that life is beautiful

 Meteora Greece Greek regions



Life is beautiful ... live for a while in deep blue




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