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Things in Greece getting better and better, PM Tsipras tells Gentiloni


ROME (ANA/ T. Andreadis) The situation in Greece is getting "better and better," Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told his Italian counterpart Paolo Gentiloni on Wednesday, during a bilateral meeting with Italy's premier at the Palazzo Chigi in Rome.


 "Developments in Greece, in the economy, are especially good," Tsipras noted. "This was apparent from the state bonds, which dropped to their lowest level in recent years, and developments from now on will continue getting better," he added.


 The two prime ministers met just before the start of the 4th Mediterranean EU member-states summit, with the participation of the seven member-states of the EU South (Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain) at the Villa Madama in Rome.


According to sources, the main aim of the seven leaders is to create a new dynamic for social Europe. The leaders of the Mediterranean countries of the Union are working on a declaration for a more dominant, social and democratic Europe.


At the same time, they are going to highlight the need to reconsider the eurozone, promoting a common budget that will be more growth-friendly and democratic.


"Med 7" also supports new initiatives on the labor acquis and social protection, following the Gothenburg summit, with a special focus on addressing the migration issue and with greater solidarity with "front-line countries" such as Greece and Italy.


Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, according to the same sources, continues to vigorously support and take the lead in efforts to boost social Europe, as well as in boosting his commitment to resolving the migration issue.


He is also expected to raise the issue of respect for international law at the Aegean and the issue of a just and viable solution to the Cyprus problem.


New rooms Press/Source: ANA-MPA

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