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I will return with a fair agreement for Greece, Dijsselbloem tells EU Parliament


Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem on Thursday promised to return to the European Parliament as soon as possible with a "fair agreement for Greece," addressing the plenum during the debate on the Greek programme.


He noted that growth in Greece, which has slowed down over the recent period, must continue and whatever accrues from this should be invested in the country that needs it.



He pledged that there will be initiatives in this direction, adding that Greece's debt will be also examined based on May 2016 decisions. "The debt relief will offer a solution in order for Greece to return to a sustainable course in the future" said Dijsselbloem. European Commissioner for Financial Affairs Pierre Moscovici expressed his certainty that the return of the institutions to Athens will bring "substantial progress," adding that Athens and the institutions are very close to their target.

"There must be a rapid progress now in order to complete the review and reach a Staff Level Agreement in the following days," Moscovici reiterated, noting that the Greek authorities must implement a series of prior actions required under the programme.


The European Commissioner added that an overall agreement on the second review will offer certainty regarding the primary surpluses and the sustainability of Greek debt. "This agreement must be reached soon not only for Greek citizens but for the benefit of Europe as a whole," he said.










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